L’Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 527 – Theatre Music Vol II (Bonduca • Sir Ant


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Theatre Music Vol II (Bonduca • Sir Anthony Love • Circe)

L'Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 527 – Theatre Music Vol II (Bonduca • Sir Anthony Love • Circe)

Interpreters Adam Skeaping
Christopher Keyte
David Jones
James Bowman
Judith Nelson
Oliver Brookes
Peter Vel
Polly Waterfield
Simon Rowland-Jones
Sophia McKenna
Trevor Jones
Composers Henry Purcell
Ensembles Academy of Ancient Music
Taverner Choir
Conductors Andrew Parrott
Singers Alan Byers
Elizabeth Lane
Martyn Hill
Paul Elliott
Peter Bamber
Prudence Lloyd
Violinists Alison Bury
Catherine Mackintosh
Christopher Hirons
Duncan Druce
Eleanor Sloan
June Hardy
Monica Huggett
Nicola Cleminson
Peggy Gilmore
Robin Stowell
David Pugsley
Francis Baines
Hansjürg Lange
John Closterman
John Turner
Michael Laird
Nicolaes van Verendael
Peter Wadland
Philip Wade
Raymond Ware
others Richard Luckett





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Bonduca (Z. 574)
I 1.  > Overture - Air - Hornpipe - Air - Hornpipe - Air - Minuet
2.  > Jack Thou 'Rt A Toper
3.  > Hear Us, Great Rugwith; Hear, Ye Gods Of Britain; Sing, Sing, Ye Druids; Divine Andante! President Of War; To Arms; Britons Strike Home
4.  > O Lead Me To Some Peaceful Gloom
Sir Anthony Love (Z. 588)
II 1.  > Overture; Pursuing Beauty; No More, Sir, No More; In Vain Clemene; Ground
Circe (Z. 575)
2.  > We Must Assemble By A Sacrifice; Their Necessary Aid You Use; Come Every Demon; Lovers Who To Their First Embraces Go; Magicians' Dance; Pluto, Arise!