Archiv Produktion 2533 042 – Ode On St. Cecilia’s Day (1692)


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Ode On St. Cecilia's Day (1692)

Archiv Produktion 2533 042 – Ode On St. Cecilia's Day (1692)

Interpreters Alan Haverson
Desmond Dupré
John Gray
John Shirley-Quirk
Kenneth Heath
Maurits Sillem
Michael Laird
Paul Esswood
Composers Henry Purcell
Ensembles Ambrosian Singers
English Chamber Orchestra
Tiffin Boys' Choir
Conductors Sir Charles Mackerras
Singers Alexander Young
Michael Rippon
Roland Tatnell
Simon Woolf
Carlo Dolci
Günter Hermanns
Hans Weber
Howard Etherton
John Tunnell
John Turner
John Wilbraham
José-Luis Garcia
Nicholas Brady
Richard Lee (2)
others David Munrow
Lionel Salter





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Ode On St. Cecilia's Day
I 1.  > Overture: Maestoso - Cancona (Presto • Adagio • Allegro • Adagio)
2.  > "Hail! Bright Cecilia"
Bass Vocals: Michael Rippon
3.  > "Hail! Bright Cecilia"
Choir: Tiffin Boys' Choir
4.  > "Hark, Each Tree" (Duett)
Treble Vocals: Simon Woolf
Bass Vocals: John Shirley-Quirk
5.  > "Tis Nature's Voice"
Countertenor Vocals: Paul Esswood
6.  > "Soul Of The World"
Chorus: The Ambrosian Singers
II 7.  > "Thou Tun'st This World" (Arie Und Chor)
8.  > "With That Sublime Celestial Lay" (Terzett)
9.  > "Wondrous Machine"
10.  > "The Airy Violin"
11.  > "In Vain The Am'rous Flute" (Duett)
12.  > "The Fife And All The Harmony Of War"
13.  > "Let These Among Themselves Contest" (Duett)
14.  > "Hail! Bright Cecilia"
15.  > "With Rapture Of Delight" (Quartett)
16.  > "Hail! Bright Cecilia"