L’OISEAU D238D2 – The first set of English Madrigals



The first set of English Madrigals

L'OISEAU D238D2 – The first set of English Madrigals

Composers John Ward
Ensembles The Consort of Musicke
Conductors Anthony Rooley





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I 1a.  > I. My True Love Hath My Heart (The First Part)
1b.  > II. His Heart His Wound Received (The Second Part)
2. III. O Say, Dear Life
3. IV. In Health And Ease Am I
4. V. Go, Wailing Accents
5. VI. Fly Not So Fast
6. Fantasia No.14
7. VII. A Satyr Once Did Run Away
8. VIII. O My Thoughts, Surcease
9. IX. Sweet Pity, Wake
10. X. Love Is A Dainty
II 1. XI. Free From Love's Bonds
2. XII. How Long Shall I?
3. Fantasia No.4
4a.  > XIII. Sweet Philomel (The First Part)
4b.  > XIV. Ye Sylvan Nymphs (The Second Part)
5. XV. Flora, Fair Nymph
6. XVI. Phyliss, The Bright
7. XVII. Hope Of My Heart
8. XVIII. Upon A Bank With Roses
III 1. Fantasia No.3
2. IXX. Retire, My Troubled Soul
3. XX. Oft Have I Tendered
4. XXI. Out From The Vale
5. XXII. O Divine Love
6. Fantasia No.8
IV 1a.  > XXIII. If The Deep Sigh (The First Part)
1b.  > XXIV. There's Not A Grove (The Second Part)
2. XXV. Die Not, Fond Man
3. XXVI. I Have Entreated
4. XXVII. Come, Sable Night
5. XXVIII. Weep Forth Your Tears